Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ending The Automation Hackathon

We ended the automation hackathon on 31-08-2012(last Friday). There was three main parts in our automation hackathon. In the first part we wrote tests for the QA passed test cases. And in the second part we did the patch automation. In the last part we ported the old tests to the new framework. I completed all three parts two days before the end of test automation.

Problem Occurred just as we put all the test together. Lot of test cases failed due to uncleaned artifacts deployed by the other tests. So we have to clean it to the best we can. We are asked not to fully clean the whole registry. It would be really easy to clean the whole thing up, but correct thing to do would be cleaning things that are deployed by ourselves. According to our team-lead server should come to the initial state(before running the tests) after running our tests.

Even at the end of the hackathon, some errors was there in migrated tests. We might have to work with the team-lead for few more days to get them corrected. I did the governance API testing. Which include lot of test classes. I got some help from two of my friends to complete the test migration, as there was around 45 test classes with over 300 test cases. Hardest part of porting those tests was, cleaning up the resources. In those old tests they use very low level commands to clean the whole registry. But as we are asked to clean only things that we deployed, it was not that easy.

With only new tests(without any ported tests) (1100+ test cases) we achieved over 45 line coverage and over 60 class coverage. After all testing is not about getting it 100% covered. No matter what is the %, our goal should be to deliver a product will least number of failures. If the product is failing, % will not help. I think we did a great job towards our goal.

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