Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Inevitable Change

Change is there in everything you see, that is why 'change' is known as the only 'not changing thing'. When I moved in to my old(main) project, I felt that I have to start from the scratch again. Code-lines I wrote didn't work and almost all the lines had errors in them. Those errors due to missing classes, missing methods, changed signatures, etc. It was a hard job bring it back to the earlier state. By now it is collecting and publishing usage data as intended. I worked over a week on this, but added nothing extra, only took it back to where it was.

Project Progress

What I have done
Completed collecting database usage data.
Completed publishing them to BAM

What more to do
By now I don't have a way to get the usage plan of each tenant, so for the sake of testing I have hard corded it.
Need to analyze and summarize usage data that was sent to BAM, this is done using hive scripts.
Need to cleanup and reformat the code according to the best practices where I have missed them.

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