Wednesday, November 28, 2012


We had a great basketball tournament lately, where our house become the first. Below schedule give some idea about the games we played and 4 houses we have. BTW I am a Wild Boar.

Match - Who won
match 1 - Cloud Bots
match 2 - Wild Boars
match 3 - Cloud Bots
match 4 - Wild Boars
match 5 - Titans
match 6 - Cloud Bots

With above we had match 5 and match 6 repeating as 3rd place match and final. Cloud Bots were fully confident of their win in the match 5 

Unusual thing happened in the final matches. Heroes were changed, Legions became the 3rd and we(Wild Boars) Became the Champions. I was there for the finals (bad luck) but was there for all the games and even the practice matches. It was such a wonderful experience.

Below are some fine clicks by Harindu

CEO @ play

I am in blue

Wild Boars Captain (in blue) 

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