Wednesday, November 28, 2012

GReg Basic Filter Improvement - Feedbacks

As I said before projects get change with the feedback that they are getting. So I like to shear some comments I got from the other members

I got the below comment  from Senaka (GReg - Team Lead)
Hi Malinga,
Looks good. Now, say I take a random RXT Foo, it has three columns (in addition to Lifecycle Status),
1. Name
2. Version
3. Domain
How will this work? Will it be an exact match for name? or will what you enter only need to match a portion of the name (i.e. starts with). Will the same work for Version/Domain?
Lifecycle piece looks good, but there can be assets without an LC. For those, I think the "Select LC" box needs to also have a "None" in addition to what you have. Also, if no asset has an LC we don't display the LC-status column at all. In such a situation, the Filter-By should also not have it. Is that accounted for already?
So I decided to use the advance filter within the GReg to filter by all other fields other than life-cycle. So how does it work, I don't have to think about. And I haven't taken those 2nd, and 3rd facts in to the account.

SO like above some more feed backs came in and project got changed according to the feedback. I have listed some more comments below

Vijitha: "Can we make the drop down (second form left) "Is" & "Is Not" ?"
Senaka: "So this would now read as "Lifecycle is PatchLifeCycle in Any". May be its better to change Any in the state dropdown to "Any State", which will make it clearer to the user. Or he/she will have to expand the dropdown to understand what we have got there. I'm talking about a first time user." 
I am really thankful to each and everyone who gave me feedback and advice. Here I listed some I found in the mail thread. I got some feedback from other people too, when I met them face to face.
So I will blog on what I will build in the future posts.

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