Thursday, June 7, 2012

Followed the BAM samples.

Continued what I did in the last day. Downloaded the BAM2 alpha 2 binary distribution and documents form the BAM home page ( There I followed the example project given in the samples (KPI Sample Guide: wso2bam-2.0.0-ALPHA2-docs/kpi-sample.html). It was so interesting to see that raw data is been visualized in various types of charts. There you can find a agent that will pump events to the BAM server.

Problems that I encounter:

How to run that agent(jar) that we get after building with ant: We don't have to run it, ant script will automatically run it after building

Some steps are impossible to complete: I had the alpha1 version with me and that was not syncing with the tutorial. I had to download the alpha 2.

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