Monday, June 11, 2012

Who thought that installing MySQL will that that long?

I wanted to see that list of users, so as most of you know it is done by ,
select * from mysql.user;

But this was very tedious, so I thought I should go to a GUI based server like PHPmyadmin. SO I thought of installing WAMP like thing here. As I am working in ubuntu there is no WAMP, I have to work with XAMPP, which is very similar.

It was a easy job with installing it. Just go to and follow there 4 steps and you will be done.

use below

Then When I tried to start the servers it gave me the following massege
XAMPP is currently only availably as 32 bit application. Please use a 32 bit compatibility library for your system.

To fix that problem I had to install 32 bit libraries (which took several minutes to download [<70MB]) to my computer. I got help from following site (

you have to run the below command to install 23 bit libs
sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

But when I started PHPmyadmin it gave me this error.
#2002 - The server is not responding (or the local MySQL server's socket is not correctly configured)

I always knew that something like this will popup as I had a already installed mySQL server in my computer.

So I thought of removing that existing mySQL sever. This page helped me in that process.
A little problem came with the commands. When copying and pasting it to he bash. So Here are the corrected ones.
apt-get --purge remove mysql-server
apt-get --purge remove mysql-client
apt-get --purge remove mysql-common
apt-get autoremove
apt-get autoclean
//befor purge it should be -- not –

Now restart the server and Everything will work fine.

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