Saturday, June 2, 2012

WSO2 Data Services Server User Guide

With the specified job of figuring out a way to do billing on 'WSO2 Data Services Server' I started understanding the 'WSO2 Data Services Server' I was mid away through with the 'WSO2 Data Services Server' user guide at the start of 28th of may 2012(today). As I was not expected to fully understand its features I went through then very quickly. As some of those features are very interesting I stopped for a while to try it on my newly installed server.

After going through that user guide for 'WSO2 Data Services Server' I got a fare understanding of the features and capabilities of 'WSO2 Data Services Server'. My next step was to look at any competitors out there in the market giving the same functionality. What I found was there are no competitors who are giving the exact or exceeding functionalities. But Amazon Relational Database Service, and HP Relational Database Service seemed close enough to compare. From those two Amazon one was more closer (still it is not complete as 'WSO2 Data Services Server').

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