Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Job

My Job is to design and build a billing system for the WSO2 data service server.

WSO2 Data Services Server:

Behind most application silos are heterogeneous and disparate data stores.The WSO2 Data Services Server augments Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) development efforts by providing an easy to use platform for integrating data stores, creating composite data views, and hosting data services.
Data services provide unprecedented data access and straightforward integration with business processes, mashups, gadgets, business intelligence and mobile applications. The WSO2 Data Services Server supports secure and managed data access across federated data stores, data service transactions, and data transformation and validation using a lightweight, developer friendly, agile development approach.
Our lean software development process creates an important customer benefit; our cost. WSO2 Data Services Server offers significant time saving and affordable acquisition. Purpose-built for rapid configuration and efficient extension, users agree the product is easy to configure and extend. These attributes lead to lower investment and higher ROI.


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